The one thing we know better than anything is ourselves. We seem to be the most intelligent creatures that inhabit this land we occupy. We awoke for the first time over one hundred cycles ago. Some of woke within the city, some came from lands both near and far. We had inherent knowledge of certain things. Things we didn’t conscientiously understand. Some of us could work machinery, others could weave the Ether. Most remembered something, and where we are now is a direct product of both that we could remember and what we forgot.

We here in Negagoth live in what we've come to call the sector city. It doesn't seem to function as intended. The Agency came not too long ago and were able to make it much safer. The one they call Phantom imprisoned a Garvulian, a race of ancient time devouring horrors whose name struck such terror in us we could not forget it, and harnessed its immense power to reactive certain vital function. The most important was to close the dome that once protected the sector city, in another forgotten time.

Now the Agency asserts that they should be in charge of the city. There are a number of people who agree that they should, but there are others that think that no one should be in charge at all. They think we should be equal and be able to decide what we will and won't do. The Agency didn't like that. They rounded up those people that disagreed with them and put them in one of the cities three surrounding sectors, the one they were able to control most easily.

That was when the Death Revelers came. They came up from the depths of the city. The Agency didn't take any chances. The Agency attacked the Death Revelers as the first of them step foot above the Undercity. A great battle ensued, at first the Agency seemed to have the upper hand. But that’s when the strongest Death Reveler surfaced and turned the tide of the battle, pushing back the Agency.

As this powerful Death Reveler pushed into the city center he was met by Phantom. The two were locked in an exchange for several days, onlookers watched as the two collided in the end, the Death Reveler proved too much. The Agency agreed to let the Death Revelers have a city sector and promised an end of hostilities against the Death Reveler. The Death Revelers agreed and sealed their sector.

It seemed that just as the Agency recovered from their brush with the Death Revelers a startling development unfolded in the prison sector. Those they forced into their most operational sector seemed to have unearthed a dark and terrible secret. They were able heard the whispers of the demons in the void. In exchange for the power to overthrow the agency, the demons would be able to possess the prisoners. Give their position they had little choice. Soon, the Blood Luster had taken over there former prison, and threatened the Agency, 'to just try and take it back.

Now the city is quiet. It has been for years. But there is conflict on the horizon. All sides prepare for an inevitable crossroads, which one is able to over throw the others and assume complete control of the City. The rest of us can do nothing but try and stay out of the way.

Evan, Black Market Dealer

The Creators

Not one thing that exists is without a creator. So it is with this world. Who created the land on which we walk? Why did they? It's hard to know from within the Sector City. WE wouldn't know that everything had a creator if it wasn't emblazoned on the building which the Agency claimed at the city center. Many have pondered the meaning. We remember so little.

Recovered texts speak of Creators, beings able to fold cosmic energies into anything and everything we see. But is it true? How could we possible know for sure. Are these scripts the ravings of afflicted minds? Or is there truth to what they say? Even if there were what would it change? They aren't here. They won't save us from each other, or that which lies beyond the dome.

One thing is for certain. We are here; and if the walls of our city center are to be believed, we aren't without a creator.

Gregory Jones, Sector City Security Chief

The Planes

Everything hung there in a sea of white that went on forever, not white but nothing… If you stare off into the infinite that surrounded it, you'd lose every sense you needed to maintain you're orientation. Your body felt like it could drift apart at a whisper… Best then to keep your eyes on the creation; on reality.

On the outside it appears to have no discernable shape, amorphous and ever changing, this is where the creator's dwell, and where the Void funnels cosmic energy. Phryst, or the Creator's Plane, was where reality began, and without it, where it would end. Here are the laws that bind reality into a cohesive form were forged, along with the entirety of creation.

Within that cloudy miasma is a shell, one that forms a perfect expanding and contracting sphere around reality. This shell is impenetrable, however it like all planes but Phrsyt, is linked to the Void. Here on Haven is where the Gods walk, peering through the depths of reality pushing and pulling the cosmic balance in order to achieve a greater order. Though they come into conflict with one another, this is a conflict by design. If one cannot understand conflicts purpose on even the lowest plane, then these will also lack meaning. Gods here are born randomly following the formula set for by not the first, but the last God formed by a Creators hand: Corinos the God of Time.

As we peer through the Shell of Reality, we can see its content: Conflict. Conflict seeks to balance itself through resolution. Smaller spheres, less rigid than their shell, can be seen forming and collapsing, each attempting to reach resolution by permutation of The Creator's Theory: Sin, Virtue, Order and Chaos were born as one; Therefore in their implementation they must reach balance. This has gone on ceaselessly and it would appear that it will continue to indefinitely.

Last and most crucial of all is the Void. The Void is as much a consciousness as it is a Plane. It seeks out matter that has become inoperable as it was designed and breaks it down. There is only so much cosmic energy in Reality, and as such it cannot be allowed to die. This goes for all things that are created, up to and including Gods and Planes of Existence. Without the Void, Creators would be unable to reattempt Balance, and all would be lost to Discord.

These are the fundamental part that make up Reality as the Creator's envisioned. The Problem is… It's broken…

Unknown, Unknown Tome found within a ruin of Negagoth